Daily Schedule

*Subject to change at the will of the children 



7:45-8:00     Arrival for Full Day Program

Drop off inside, get dressed for outside.


8:00-8:15          Arrival for Preschool Program

Children are brought to the playground by their parent or guardian where teachers are waiting for them.  Then the parents bring his/her child’s belongings into the school and sign them in.

8:00-9:00        Outdoor Play

Children use our specifically designed playground to run, climb, swing, dig and play group games.  Children are encouraged to explore nature and understand the world around them.  Often times we venture into our outdoor classroom down in the woods behind the playground to explore and investigate.  In very extreme weather, we bring out special gross motor equipment for indoor play.


9:00-11:15         Morning Learning/Snack

Children undress from outside and wash their hands.  We meet to share a morning snack (provided by parents).  Children learn to pour their drinks, use table manners, have table conversation and clean up their dishes.  Then the group meets for morning greeting where teachers may read a book, sing a song, use puppets or facilitate a movement game with the children.  This is an opportunity for the children to connect and creates dialogue and a sense of community within the classroom.  Children will learn about the activities and adventures of the day.    Children then explore the learning opportunities of the day within the classroom.  Open stations may include but are not limited to: puppets, kitchen, dress up, writing/fine motor activities, science and math activities, sensory table, painting, collaging, blocks, audio books, special projects, legos, trains, stamps and more.  Each station is purposely unique to guide learning through play and as some stations stay constant in our classroom, the props change depending on the intention of the learning.


11:30-12:00            Lunch

Children bring their own lunch (fruit/vegetable, protein, grain).  Children are provided small pitchers for pouring their own milk and/or water.  Teachers sit at each table to foster community building and to support healthy eating habits and table manners, as well as lively conversation.

12:00-12:15          Story Time

Children meet together to share a story with calm, resting bodies.

12:15-1:00          Outdoor Play


1:00-1:15              Pick Up

Children spend the last minutes of the day back outside.  Parents come into the school to collect their child’s belongings and then sign them out.  Then they pick their child up from the playground.  We encourage families to stay and play and connect with other families after school.


Afterschool Option


1:30-2:30       Quiet Play/Rest Time


2:30-2:45      Snack


2:45-3:45      Choice (indoor or outdoor)


3:45-4:00      Clean Up and Dismissal