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Evergreen Preschool celebrates over 40 years!

Thanks to the generous support of local families, community members, and businesses, Evergreen Preschool has been enriching the lives of Vergennes area children and families for over 40 years—over 800 Evergreen students whose education was planted and nurtured at Evergreen Preschool.

Give now to support the next generation of learners!
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Evergreen Preschool depends on community support to continue our endeavor to maintain quality early childhood education for children in our community.


Evergreen Preschool is a non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible.


For more information about charitable giving, please contact our program director at 802.877.6702.

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Annual Appeal 2023


During this year’s appeal, know your donation is fully tax-deductible and directly enriches the lives of Addison County children (and beyond). THANK YOU for your support of early learners!

This Giving Tuesday, we have a very big ask!  Keeping our doors open throughout the pandemic meant we spent a lot of time outside.  This drastically changed the rhythm and needs of our program but the benefits we saw firsthand were incredible!  In order to keep the outdoor classroom our primary learning environment, we need a couple of significant upgrades.  This year, we would love to raise enough money to put in:

  • A large pavilion structure for meal time, shade and refuge from the weather

  • A new and larger storage shed to replace our aged and weathered shed



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